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PLIDCO® Riser-Type Weld+Ends simplify the replacement of underwater risers on offshore gas and oil lines-without welding underwater! It's easy, safe, and creates a more permanent solution. Watch this video and find out more.
Our customers love the PLIDCO® Smith+Clamp because it's the easiest way to shut off high pressure leaks. It's so easy to install you can literally do it in the dark or underwater just by "feel". Watch this 1 minute movie and see how it works.
Flange Repair + Split Sleeve Video
(2 min)

Fully encompasses matted-up flanges

The PLIDCO® FlangeRepair+SplitSleeve fully encompasses mated-up flanges and seals on the pipe beyond the weld of flanges. It covers a wide variety of flange types and classes and is used both onshore and offshore.

Installation is simple. Just put the halves together, torque the studs and nuts and the seal is complete. PLIDCO® FlangeRepair+SplitSleeve can be seal-welded, if specified.

Hinges are available to further simplify installation. Standard packing is Buna-N; other packings available on application.

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